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Term Life Insurance Reviews Of Some Of The Top Companies

By Mike Heuer

There are many fine life insurers offering term life insurance coverage, but it can be difficult know which one is best for a particular situation without doing term life insurance reviews of the top companies. Fortunately, we are here to help.

MetLife is one of the most prolific underwriters of life insurance coverage in the United States and offers a variety of term life insurance policies as well as other life insurance plans. The life insurer is one of the best from whom to buy term life policies in the United States. But, backing out of a contractual obligation with MetLife can be difficult, short of ceasing premium payments, which might impact a personal credit score.

ING also is a prolific underwriter of term life plans and can provide several options for term life coverage for those seeking the security of life insurance without the high cost of a whole life insurance plan. The firm also provides a great deal of information on its term life plans and other life insurance options. But reaching someone at ING can be difficult after typical workday hours are over.

Another of the top life insurers in the United States, Prudential, underwrites a great deal of term life insurance plans. And the insurer also has many long-term investment tools to help build a meaningful retirement nest egg without using whole life insurance products. That makes Prudential an excellent choice for people who want life insurance protection at a low cost while also having options for growing a significant amount of retirement income.

Another popular source of term life insurance plans is a relatively recent newcomer to the industry. MatrixDirect does not underwrite term life insurance or whole life insurance. Instead, MatrixDirect is an online agency that directly markets term life plans to consumers. The policies are underwritten by a variety of life insurance companies in the United States, and the agency is known for being customer-friendly and capable of locating good deals on term life plans.

Term life policies do not require a medical examination performed by an insurer-approved physician, as would be the case with nearly any whole life insurance plan. About 70 percent of all life insurance policies sold in the United States are whole life plans. But term life insurance is much more affordable and considered by many life insurance experts to be the purest form of life insurance sold. Term life provides a death benefit for a set number of years, usually ranging from 10 years to 30 years, and then the contract is voided once the term is over.