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Term Life Insurance Quotes

By Mike Heuer

The old days of visiting an insurance agent and listening to a sales pitch to get term life insurance quotes are over. More term life companies are selling quality products directly to consumers through the Internet and passing on some of the savings to their customers. And when shopping online, consumers have more time to browse and compare multiple term life insurance quotes to determine the best value for them and their family. With sound Internet security measures in place, consumers are assured their information is safe and used only for the purpose of obtaining accurate Term Life Insurance (TLI) rates.
Even when TLI companies market their products by conventional means, such as television ads and direct marketing, some 59 percent of Americans surveyed by ASI Media said they prefer to visit the company’s Website instead of utilizing an insurance consultant or dialing a toll-free number. And nearly a third of all respondents to the survey indicated they prefer using an Internet search engine when beginning to research TLI insurance companies and coverage options. More traditional shopping methods, such as culling through the phone book and calling numerous agents to set up appointments can take days and even weeks. But shopping online for an accurate term life insurance rate can be done with very little effort and from the comfort of your home or office.
The benefits of Internet marketing are encouraging TLI companies to sell their products online to match the growing demand among consumers for online shopping convenience. Compared to direct marketing and television advertising, which typically drive people to company websites, TLI companies realize Internet marketing costs are relatively low and pass on some of the savings to customers. With term life insurance no medical exam required for TLI coverage, companies can give an affordable term life insurance estimate on the types of coverage more families need.
This site’s free, secure quote tool helps consumers shop and compare term life insurance quotes with no obligation to buy. Once consumers get at least five quotes, they can research companies and compare coverage options to help ensure they are getting the best value for their money. With the power of the Internet so readily available at your fingertips, it just doesn’t make sense to shop any other way for quality life insurance coverage. And the rate estimates you receive will be from companies licensed and approved by your state insurance commissioner and no others.